The Joys of Holiday Cooking & Baking Leftovers

Holidays are the best with the hearty traditional meals making one feel warm inside and out. But the best part about isn’t only the food – it is the leftovers. Leftovers are the biggest joy which holidays bring along with them.

Also, holidays call for special ingredients which are not usually present in our pantry all year long. So, whatever you have filled your tummies with during the holidays, chances are that you have some extra left. And though you could use them in breakfast, eating the same thing over and over again gets boring.

So, here are some great ideas for you to utilize the holiday leftovers such as potatoes, meats, veggies, grains, and cranberry sauce so you could make a different but delicious recipe. Plus, you get to enjoy that holiday food flavor and the festivities a bit longer!

Stuffed ‘Something’

With leftovers, you have to get creative. You can create your own form of healthy bread bowl by using leftover squash or adding a bit more into it from the market and using the leftover sides from the feast.

Waffle Sandwich

Take two waffles and put all of the delicious mains and sides in it and eat like a sandwich. You could use turkey, smashed avocado, brie, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes and melt them inside crispy and fluffy waffles. Yum!


If you think you need extra recipes to enjoy your leftovers, it is not necessary. The key is using all that you have left and all that you have in your pantry and come up with something delicious. Stew is easy and does not have a strict recipe. Just scoop mashed potatoes in a bowl and put some turkey and gravy on top.

Grain Bowls

Toss the random leftovers in a bowl be it unused grains and produce, or cheese-plate stragglers and you have a healthy grain bowl.


Enchiladas are easy to make, and your holiday leftovers would give them a new twist keeping the taste and flavor interesting but delightful. Not feeling to have enchiladas, then you could go for burritos. Simple and filling.


Want to experiment with flavors? You could use leftover meat in a sandwich by making a banh mi sandwich. Just get the staples of sandwich such as carrots, cucumbers, and jalapenos. If not, there is always Monica Geller’s recipe of the turkey sandwich with the moist-maker.

Mix Vegetables

If you some veggie-based side dishes at the feast and still have some left, toss them all into a bowl and add some grains of your choice and voila, you got yourself a healthy and flavorful meal!


Who doesn’t love warm soup and sitting in a comfy chair in the chilly holiday weather? You could use your turkey to make green chile turkey enchilada along with quinoa soup. Use the leftover rice and grain to give this recipe more taste.

Simple Scramble

Take the leftover produce you want to use or the potatoes and meats and put them in a pan. Now add eggs and scramble them all. A simple dish that uses the leftovers well and requires just one pan to cook. ffffffffff