The Joy of Christmas Meals With The Family

The saying that, the family that eats together stays together, is an expression that has become burdensome to families.
Studies have shown that eating together as a family directly correlates to children’s relationships with their families. 76% of teens who spend family time eating together at Christmas period are more likely to indicate that they are “very close” to their family members.

Findings of a research available to Homemakers show that more than 50% of families that confessed they rarely sat together to eat hardly comes together.


  1. It Reunites The Family Members

The Coming together of family members during Christmas period help’s one to reunite with his/her relatives.

In this way more peace abounds within the family and the family members gets to know each other well (especially newly married spouse).

This medium can also be used to settle disputes and family issues that are yet to be handled meanwhile creating opportunities for those who expect favor or job link from other’s in an organization or company.

  • It Ensures Family Security

A united family is a secured family that stand’s for one another against problems and threat’s but this happens better when the family members are united together.

Being together of a family during Christmas creates awareness to individuals that they are their brother’s keeper and that they should look out for one another both in times of need’s and in trouble’s. This will help develop a great positive attitude on what family really means and why they should always look out for on another at all times.

  • It Teaches Children Love

Time together with the parents helps the kids develop family love. As strange as it may sound it really is true, Kids learn by example.

If you set a good example on how to love your relations in front of your children, your son or daughter will definitely remember that and will apply it with their siblings. In fact, you will probably notice siblings treating each other in the ways you treat your own relations.

I have heard a young girl tell his brother, Now Leo, i would help you out because mum taught me on how to do so to people.

“Do something you would like your children do to others.”

  • It Lead’s To Family Growth

In the Western world, it is encouraging to see that families makes efforts to get together on special occasions like Christmas and birthdays. Many families, most of the time, cook together but the most important aspect of eating together as extended families is left out mostly during Christmas periods. Christmas period is a huge opportunity for families to consciously travel to their hometown, relate with relations, plan their meals, cook together and sit together to discuss how life has been going. Most things that you may not be able to see in your children, as Homemakers, can be easily seen and this period gives room for necessary correction and adjustment, especially table manners. There are also discussions that come up when eating together that may advance the flow of the family member’s which may never come up ordinarily.