Importance of eating a good breakfast

When you are rushing off to school/work, having breakfast at the table is not your top priority. Your go-to option is usually grabbing a bite or two on the way. But, taking a few minutes to eat a healthy breakfast could make all the difference to your day. It is the most important meal of the entire day so you should make it a regular habit.

Here is how eating a good breakfast brings benefit to you:

Curbs Appetite

According to studies, when you have breakfast in the morning, it keeps your appetite in check. Your cravings and hunger reduce a great deal. And to think how the majority of people looking to shed those extra pounds and calories skip breakfast. Eating a nutrient-rich and high-fiber breakfast keeps you fuller for longer.

Boosts Performance

Our bodies tend to feel dehydrated after sleeping. A healthy breakfast rejuvenates your body and gives you energy. This leads to better performance at school/work. A study by the Food Research and Action Center reveals that students perform better on tests, studying math, and reading when they have a healthy breakfast.

Incorporating a proper breakfast in your daily routine increases concentration, problem-solving skills, and speed.

Boost your Memory

Carbohydrates are crucial to the healthy functioning of the brain. Starting your day with a healthy and carbohydrate-rich breakfast improves your concentration levels and memory. Not only that, it lowers risk of stress too.

Improve Skin Health

Food items such as eggs, fruits, and lean proteins (like turkey) are essential to a healthy and nutritious breakfast. These are rich in Vitamin A, and D. Also, they contain essential nutrient for skin, lutein, which is necessary for your healthy skin.

If you are running short on time, fry an egg or throw some fruit chunks with yogurt in your cereal.

Enhances Energy

Both our bodies and brain need the energy to function properly. When we wake up, we often feel slow, which is due to low blood sugar. A healthy breakfast must include lean proteins such as eggs, turkey sausage, and grilled chicken along with some fruits, veggies, and whole grains to give you energy for the day. Berries and oranges contain Vitamin C, which helps the brain in staying alert.

Uplifts Mood

A carbohydrate-rich breakfast such as oatmeal could make you feel good and better your mood. As the body loses nutrients while we sleep for 8 hours or more, we tend to wake up irritable. With a good breakfast that energizes you, you spend the day happier and satisfied.

Final Words

A healthy breakfast containing essential nutrients could boost your overall health and well-being substantially. Also, it can lead to better performance at school/work. You must have a good breakfast regularly.

You have a lot of variety at breakfast, so you don’t have to eat the same thing every day. Try to eat nutrient-rich whole foods such as eggs, fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, and whole-wheat toast. Avoid highly processed foods, sugary cereals, and white bread. –